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Get Ahead of the Competition with A Social Media Marketing Plan:

If you’re still holding back and telling people that you’re simply “too busy” to bother with social media marketing, that you’re happy “getting by” on the business that comes your way, then think again. Social media marketing is not just about posting funny videos in your spare time and chatting with friends. It’s a HUGE opportunity for your business to engage with it’s audience.  Experience real growth through our professional social media marketing plan:


The Reality of Social Media Marketing

The reality is that your competitors are profiting from social media marketing services one way or another – bringing in new patrons every day and increasing awareness of their brand. This makes it more important than ever for you to have a social media marketing plan to ensure you stand out from the crowd and ensure your business is noticed


Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms with over 2 billion active users to date – and it’s only getting bigger. Over the years, brands have seen this as massive opportunity to take advantage of this ever-expanding market space to increase brand awareness, create a thriving fan base and above all bring in sales. So, is your brand using Facebook?” We certainly are. And, so are our clients. We’ll help you create a solid Facebook marketing strategy that centre's around your marketplace and attracts the right client's.

In case, you are not sold on the benefits of Facebook marketing for your business, then here’s some important stats:

  • Facebook has 2 billion active users, and 1 billion active daily users.
  • People spend on average 30 minutes on Facebook every day, with people visiting Facebook 8 times per day!
  • 400 users sign up to Facebook every minute.
  • 93% of businesses use Facebook advertising on a regular basis.


Progressing on to Twitter marketing for your business. Whatever your marketing goals, there’s no question that Twitter can help your business realize them. Twitter is the core social media marketing platform when it comes to engagement and awareness. If you’re not working it into your social media strategy yet, you can be sure your competitors are. But, where do you start? What hashtags should you use? Where is best to use them? What even are hashtags…? We can help your businesses make sense of the social media marketing space and ensure you are noticed.

Twitter marketing has some notable statistics too:

  • Twitter has over 313 million monthly users
  • Those users send 6,000 tweets per second – that’s more than half a billion per day!
  • 82% of users access their Twitter account on mobile devices – read our guide on the new mobile-first update.
  • 86% of Twitter users say they use the platform to get news updates, with nearly three-quarters of those doing do on a basis.
Social Media

Social marketing Plan

We can create your social media marketing strategy plan. Not only will we engage with your target market, but we’ll also help drive more traffic to your website and get leads from the social media channels that are right for your business.

We totally believe that social media marketing presents an immense marketing opportunity for your businesses – with over 2.3 billion users on social media globally on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there is definite potential. Exciting times, with so many people to target. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to start your social media marketing campaign