In the UK 30,000 websites are hacked every day

Then the worse happens in a blink of an eye it’s all lost. Your hard work and money destroyed in minutes by a malicious attack or virus. Then the realisation that, there is no backup because maintenance was forgotten or not offered at the time of the build. Or being asked “I have a website I think its ok, could you do a few bits to update it to ? or “take on my social media campaign” and then when asked, “when was it last updated” I hear the familiar reply probably not for a couple of years or what updates.

And when checked it is so outdated we are not able to save the website in its current form as it is not tangible and so it needs rebuilding. Which not only means the cost of rebuilding your website. It also means that a key networking forum will be out of action for some time, losing even more revenue.

At CMW Webdesigns we offer a package to suit your needs.

Once we have built your Website, you will need a maintenance package to keep it running smoothly. You might be thinking “why do I need maintenance?” you wouldn’t think about not maintaining your home or car.

Security Updates

Security updates (“The number of hacked sites in 2016 increased by 32 percent compared to 2015 “) this was due because many people make the mistake that their business isn’t big enough or high profit enough or will not be the target of hackers. Wrong! Hackers do not think about the size of a website they just want to cause as much disruption they can. And in many cases, they prefer small sites as security is less secure. This also applies to keeping plugins, forms and comment boxes.

Customer Experience

Your customers experience when using your website. Every day there are major technology updates in our search engines for example chrome, Firefox etc. This can have a major impact on how your website responds. If you are not keeping up with the updates on your plugins, forms etc the chances are something is going to break or not work correctly as it once had. When people arrive at your website they want an easy time navigating through it. There is nothing more frustrating than a broken link or a form not working as it should. It is one of the biggest reason for people leaving a website.

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Sales Impact

Sales Impact your website is your shop window it is where your customers check you out. If you have an e-commerce site having broken buttons that might have given more details. What would your customer think of your store? Broken payment systems will definitely lose your customers. All of these things will have an impact on your store and credibility.