Flexible Payment Plan From The Outset

We wanted to offer something different, We believe in being with the client long-term and watching the company grow. So we decided to reduce my build cost but not my standards we felt that everyone deserves to have an amazing website that shows their individuality. So whether we are building a small private service to a franchise chain they will always get the same high standards of work. We break down our costs into 4 monthly payments and sometimes a little longer depending on the circumstances of the client.

Why Do We Offer A flexible payment plan from the outset?

We brought in a flexible payment plan, to offer companies a website that they can afford. By offering them payments in instalments they also have a professional website. So many company's charge exorbitant amounts for their service. This for many small business and individuals is beyond their budget, so feel they cannot have a professional website.

What are your Charges?

Our charges do very at CMW WebDesigns we treat each client as an individual. This includes their circumstances, the job requested and the timescale for completion of work. Once we have all the information we then offer a quote reflecting on these key elements.

How does that differ from other companies?

We were shocked to find that most companies charge an average of £750 for a 4-page website. This usually only contains one basic contact form as a rule, of course, there are a few exceptions. Some will offer silly small amounts each month one I heard of recently was £25 pounds per month with no build cost. I think you might know where this is going it was a disaster. The person has now realised it was a mistake but was trying to save money. In this day and age, we are all having to tighten up on expenses, however, trying to unpick the damage usually costs more.